Friday, May 5, 2017


For the many pun-ters in this group

*Hinglish Puns!*

1. Friends pay restaurant bills on a de-tu-de  basis.                        

2. God never tasted any cough syrup, because khuda-na-khasta.                        

3. Last night I had an extra spicy garlic chutney. This morning I learnt my lehsun                        

4. Visited a dentist named Simran. She asked "where are you feeling the pain?"
 Me: Jaw Simran Jaw                        

5. I really don't care who takes bath daily. It स्नान of my business.         
6. "Kya tujhe hammer se darr lagta hai?" 

7. Come on Pat-Anjali
     What Ayurveding for ?